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Brooklyn Navy Yard

For more than 150 years, the Brooklyn Navy Yard was one of our nation's preeminent military facilities. After the Federal Government closed it in 1966, the Yard was taken over by the City of New York and re-opened as an industrial park. Today, the Brooklyn Navy Yard is a vibrant industrial complex spread out over 300-acres along the Brooklyn waterfront. The Yard consists of 40 buildings totaling over 3.8 million square feet under roof, along with four operating dry docks and five active piers.

The Navy Yard is now home to more than 200 businesses of all sizes and types that employ over 3,000 people, including Aswoon®/Susan Woods Studio. These businesses cover a vast array of activities, from movie making to ship building, from architectural services to furniture and interior design, and from electronics distribution to jewelry making, to name only a few. The Steiner Studios, on 15 acres of the Navy Yard, make the Brooklyn Navy Yard the premiere entertainment production center on the East Coast.

Aswoon®/Susan Woods Studio has conducted several events under the motto "Art in the Yard" and will continue to do so.


The Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn Navy Yard
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