Aswoon, Susan Woods Studio  


The New York Times
May 12, 2005

"Susan Woods, 48, is a scavenger trained in painting and sculpture, an artist and designer who works in refuse. She recently combined her own studio and a business that sells the designs of others into a single concern, Aswoon®/Susan Woods Studio, and she has just opened a showroom in Dumbo, Brooklyn."

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"Ms. Woods's new Spring Line is a series of screens made of flattened and welded furniture springs, top left, ($5,000 to $6,000), which can be hung either as room dividers or directly on the wall. New Wave, her wood line, uses an updated dowel-like joinery method for assembling curved wood pieces into undulating freestanding screens, bottom left, (around $4,000). The Rave Wave Bench Couch, right, costs $9,500..."

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