Aswoon, Susan Woods Studio  


360 - Life from every Angle
Winter 2007

Spring Screens and Rave Wave Bench by Susan Woods for Aswoon™

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"Aswoon™ - SUSAN WOODS defines her studio, where she creates pieces such as the Rave Wood Bench and the Spring Line Screen, as an "experiment in art, design and fabrication."

What did you really want to be when you grew up?
I never thought that I would be making these types of objects, I never thought I would change my direction at 46 or 47. I never thought I would be called a designer.

Why do you think design flourisches in Brooklyn?
Number one, there is space that artists, designers, fabricators can still afford. It might also be a time and place where many factors have resulted in the gathering of people and ideas are being noticed at this moment.

Do you think this is a particularly good or bad time for design?
There is a potential at this moment that involvesall of our history, our technology, and our potential. Will we take this chance? I see some amazing ideas coming forth. Can we sustain them? Will our craftsmanship be good aenough to last?"

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